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We are now an authorised Milltek exhaust systems dealer, click to see more.

At VAG Auto Care Services we have built up a reputation as a trusted partner for installing performance upgrades and conversions for our customers from all over the UK. We can perform numerous performance upgrades depending on your requirements. Perhaps you have purchased a performance part but are not confident to install it to your car and need our help? Our performance installations include anything from a simple air filter installation all the way up to advanced high power turbo charger conversions and engine transplants. We have installed numerous HGP turbo conversions to 3.2 VR6 engines in both MK4 / MK5 Golf models. We have performed various engine conversions including both Golf and Bora 2.8 VR6 4 Motion models converted to 3.2 VR6 R32 engines. We have even converted super charged cars to turbo charged cars and then installed the removed super charger to another customer's car.

All of these performance enhancing upgrades require the car to also have stable suspension / brake setups to handle the extra power / speed the cars are capable of (where the law permits) . We can install upgraded suspension parts such as anti roll bars, bushes, coilover suspension etc. We can install upgraded brakes to add safety to the performance.

Please see some of our offerings below and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

HGP / HPA turbo installation
The VW / Audi 3.2 VR6 engines have limited tuning potential as they are normally aspirated. HGP in Germany pioneered high performance turbo charging kits to improve the standard 240 BHP to between 400 - 550 BHP depending on specification. This German company has close links with VW so the engineering and performance are very high quality. We have performed numerous HGP turbo installations. Please click the photo to the right to view  the HGP website for up to date info / kits / costs

HGP Turbo charged V6

Engine conversions
We have performed numerous engine conversions for our customers in the past. One of our customer cars was originally a Bora 2.8 4 Motion which was upgraded to an R32 engine and eventually to a 3.2 HPA Turbo setup. We also installed a Audi 1.8T 20V 225 engine into a Golf MK4 R32 shell for one of our customers, with the result looking and driving as if VW had built this car, a true factory standard / style OEM installation, we believe the first time this has ever been done.

We are an authorised Milltek exhaust systems dealer. Whilst we are happy to install aftermarket exhaust systems and there are some applications where a bespoke system is required. We have manufactured custom 3" and 3.5" high performance exhausts for our turbo 3.2 VR6 installations. We have also installed manual controls for the exhaust by pass valves, to allow some control of the noise the exhaust produces. £ POA


Brake Upgrades
We have also installed Golf MK4 334mm R32 brakes and Brembo brakes onto TDi / 1.8T / 2.8 models. For high power Turbo VR6 applications we have previously installed Audi B7 RS4 and Porsche brakes.
Most of the VW group brakes can be fitted from one car to the next, for example brakes from a MK6 Golf R will bolt directly on to a mk5 Golf TDI

Suspension Upgrades
We can install suspension upgrades including (but not limited to): Coilover suspension, upgraded anti roll bars, upgraded bushes, upgraded / adjustable rear control arms. We have also assisted customers that wanted to refresh their tired looking suspension components and have wanted to install restored (freshly power coated / painted) wishbones, hubs, subframes etc.

Call us to discuss your requirements on any performance upgrades.

VAG Auto Care  - Performance Services

  • Authorised Milltek exhausts dealer
  • OEM turbo replacement / upgrade
  • Turbo kit installations
  • Engine upgrades
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Engine conversions
  • Cam shaft upgrades
  • Intercooler upgrades
  • Water Meth kit installation
  • Air induction
  • Exhausts
  • Brake upgrades
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Gearbox ratio alteration
  • Clutch upgrades
  • Supercharger installs
  • Boost Gauges
  • R32 specialists

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